The Tragedy of Theobald Web Novel

Made in Canva by Viktor Athelstan

872 AD. The Great Heathen Army invading Jorvik is the least of fifteen year old Theobald’s problems. Theobald’s father, Rædbert, is a cloth merchant and expects his son to follow in his footsteps. However, Theobald neither has the social skills or the dubious ethics it takes to succeed in business.

After a disastrous Christmas feast, Rædbert takes a promising young merchant named Aldus under his wing instead. The mysterious Aldus is everything Theobald is not: business savvy, charming, and eager to marry.

However, Rædbert isn’t about to abandon his son. Now he’s more determined than ever to make Theobald into the perfect secular man. Unfortunately for Theobald, that means doing things he considers immoral.

Will Theobald continue to do what he views as right? Or will he become someone he’s not to please his father?

The Tragedy of Theobald updates on Sundays.

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