Tales From The Golden Legend, Saint Anastasia and Saint Eugenia | The Mediaeval Monk Ep. 7

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Hagiographies are a fascinating genre of medieval literature. Join Viktor Athelstan each week as he shares medieval stories and discusses aspects of medieval culture. Due to my recent surgery, this episode is quite short. Today I share the stories of Saint Anastasia and Saint Eugenia from The Golden Legend.


The Golden Legend or Lives of the Saints. Compiled by Jacobus de Voragine, Archbishop of Genoa, 1275. First Edition Published 1470. Englished by William Caxton, First Edition 1483, Edited by F.S. Ellis, Temple Classics, 1900 (Reprinted 1922, 1931.) https://sourcebooks.fordham.edu/basis/goldenlegend/GoldenLegend-Volume2.asp#Anastasia